Life Will Get Warmer

Good afternoon, guys! I am currently writing to you from my new living room while the state of GA is under a “state of emergency.” We are expecting to get anywhere from 3-6inches of snow between 4pm and tomorrow morning… If you know anything about Atlanta (think back to winter 2014 when cars were deserted on freeways,etc) we don’t do snow, or winter, for that matter. The really funny thing is this– I grew up in Chicago and got my education in Indiana- two of the coldest places in the country, yet, I move to GA and forget how to handle winter (if that is even what you can call this time of year in this part of the country). Even though it isn’t negative degrees & the sun shines (at least once a week), I still feel myself experiencing the “winter blues.” I feel it in my mood, my energy level (or lack of) & in my desire to put on anything other than R’s college football sweatshirt and my favorite lulu leggings. I am yearning for summer, sunlight, and driving with the windows down. Now, I know that I don’t have it “bad” living in the south, but I still feel that winter is more than just a season, it’s a vibe and a mood. I try really hard to take notice when the sun is shining and when the temp is nice enough to feel fresh air on my skin, but winter still catches up with me no matter how hard I try to escape it (and remain positive). I was doing some wedding idea searching on Pinterest when I stumbled upon this photo & I really just had to share because it gave me a glimpse of hope. A glimpse into the fact that Monday is March and after March is April and  April is when flowers start to bloom and I feel like my real self again.


so hold on,

xo, gracie

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