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Sunday: Meet Rachel


Happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people, especially to those who are kind enough to find the time to read my ramblings. I don’t even know if what I write connects with anybody, but I sure hope that it does. I know that the world is so big– so, so, big. I remember people always saying things like “there is a big old world out there”, “there are so many people out there just waiting to meet you”, etc. But, I have found, that the concept of just how big this world actually is, is easy to forget when we live in the same couple mile radius every day of our lives.

Just this past week one of my best friends from High School and I took a girls trip to San Los Cabos. On that trip we met SO many amazing people, saw incredible things, and once again, I was reminded about JUST how big the world really is. I don’t know how it happens, but I am pretty sure its a God thing- everywhere I go, I meet and get connected with the most incredible, kind hearted, fascinating people. I was thinking a few weeks back that quite frankly, it isn’t fair of me to keep all of these amazing people to myself because each and every one of us needs our own home team– you know, the ones that always hold it down for us & remind us how to love life when we forget? So, after some thought, I have decided that I need to find a way to introduce the amazing people in my life to others– so that maybe, just maybe, you can be connected with someone that can give you exactly what you need at this point in your life & visa-verse. I could literally write all day about relationships & how at the end of the day they really are all that we have, and all that matters, but, I’ll save that for another time.

You can count on graciousgracie to provide you with a new, amazing, human at least one Sunday a month. For today, meet the most genuine, kind hearted, God loving, strong & naturally beautiful woman I know. World, meet Rachel (below is a message from her!)

Where do I even start? I feel like The Lord has done so much in my life and yet there’s still so much to be done. I don’t identify myself simply as a bone marrow transplant survivor, but it’s the greatest demonstration of the Lord’s faithfulness in my life thus far so I don’t keep my experiences to myself. Growing up I always had weird fainting spells; I can remember getting my hair done one Sunday afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama and passing out in the bathroom because I was so light headed and faint from who knows what. Isn’t getting your hair done supposed to be relaxing? We went to several doctors and everything seemed normal until college when one physical didn’t come back clear. I was told that if I were to get in an accident or somehow my flesh was cut deep enough I would bleed out instantly. My platelet count was so scarily low that my blood refused to clot and I was a high risk for internal bleeding. I’ll spare you the countless tests and biopsies where no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me, but I will share that it was the most trying time of my 22 year old life. To go from a vibrant athlete who loved being active to someone who suffered from a 3 month long migraine and couldn’t stand up too long without getting weak was earth shattering.

Finally The Lord led me to a brilliant doctor who within minutes diagnosed me with aplastic anemia. There was such a peace in my spirit at this point because I knew after every false report or failed test, The Lord led me to the doctor He was going to use to carry out my healing. My older sister Olivia poured out her unconditional love for me by donating me her bone marrow because she was my 100% match. I’m a little ashamed that I doubted The Lord in this area but I couldn’t believe that I had a match within my family. Statistics show that only 30% of all patients are able to find a compatible match within their family. Can you believe how beautifully The Lord left His fingerprint throughout all of this? I realize I’m in a small percentage to be so blessed with a familial match, so I’ve committed myself to raising awareness for blood donations and marrow donations. I get chills thinking about where I would be today if I didn’t have a match. I would be physically dependent on blood and platelet transfusions and bedridden because day to day activities would be much too challenging. I’m so glad God had a greater plan!

Fast forward a year and I’m 1 year post transplant and living in the abundance that Christ offers me freely. I completed a half marathon 9 months after my transplant and I’ve launched a fitness business that merges the worlds of faith and fitness, and most importantly, encourages women in all walks of life that if I can whip this body back in to shape – so can you! I feel as if every closed door and missed opportunity has led me to this very moment of life and I couldn’t be more amazed with where The Lord has brought me and I get intoxicated with anticipation thinking about where He’s leading me next. If I’ve learned one thing throughout my many stumbles and shortcomings in life it’s that God still knows what He’s doing. I can’t think of how many times I’ve prayed for a cup to pass from me and when it doesn’t, I bitterly and begrudgingly sip until I see that even the heartaches and blurry moments of life are apart of His divine plan.

I currently live life in Indiana but was born and raised in Texas. I am blessed to say that I get to do life hand in hand with one of the best men God has placed on this earth. I write a blog titled Fab Fierce Faith and my fitness business is her little sister. We call her Fab Fierce Fitness. I work for a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, TX and am always down for a chai latte with a friend or I’d even go with an enemy if the latte was delicious enough 😉

– Rachel

You can follow Rachel on Instagram at (she just kicked off a really awesome Wellness Week- to follow along, simply add your email under her most recent post and look forward to an awesome daily message about taking care of & loving yourself! side note: I am signed up, you should too!:))


as always, enjoy your sunday & love yourself a little harder,

xo, gracie


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