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the most perfect day.


Well, here I am, a married woman. I could NOT be happier, more fulfilled and more at peace with the fact that I have become one with the man who I love so much. It was literally so hard to not scream it from the rooftops in the weeks and days leading up to our private ceremony. As I mentioned in a prior post, some date conflicts came up with our proposed summer wedding and Rico’s summer work schedule, so we had to make some decisions. I am not going to lie, when we first found out that our summer wedding wasn’t going to happen (or it could have, if I was cool with Rico saying his vows over Face I was kind of sad because I had been planning, and imagining what I thought would be the “perfect wedding day.” I took a deep breath, and a few steps back and really forced myself to remember what was the most important. It wasn’t the venue, the flowers, the weather, the date, the dress, the other people (no offense, guys, we love you), but, it was about R and I, and our commitment to spend our lives together. After I brought myself back down to earth from that weird place that brides go to while planning their wedding (ugh, obnoxious), I just trusted in God that he would provide, if we followed what we knew was right and important…and OH, did HE ever!

To be honest, the day was so perfect. I cannot imagine our wedding day going any other way than it did. I cannot wait to tell you all the story of the day, the days leading up, and share some photos. But, for now, and the next week, I am just going to take in every moment of this first week of being Mr. & Mrs. I will be sure to post about ALL of the it, promise!

To our amazing friends who sent flowers to our honeymoon suite the night of our wedding, to our home the week and day of, chocolate covered strawberries in the mail (they were SO good), cards and notes- you have NO idea how much you all mean to us. You made us feel like legit, the most loved and celebrated people on earth. I owe literally so much to my friends and family. I love you guys so much.


mrs. gracie allen


floral chandeliers


Happy Easter Sunday! I hope that everybody around the world is spending this day exactly as they wish to. The sun is shining in Atlanta, and it is a beautiful day. The flowers have started to bloom, the trees & grass are turning green and for that, I am one happy lady!

I have some exciting “business” news coming to you in the very near future- it is still in the works, but as soon as everything is finalized I will share and I am SO excited! The spring has inspired me so much this year. I am not sure if it is because I am out of school for the first time and able to actually notice and appreciate the seasons changing, but for whatever reason- I am beyond inspired.

I have been spending so much time outside & I wanted to bring the spring indoors, which is part of the inspiration for this floral chandelier. I didn’t think that I would love them so much, but considering that there are multiple hanging around our home, it is safe to say that I don’t just love them, I am obsessed with them (thanks for always being supportive of my latest creation, R). I plan to make them for all special occasions that the future holds. If you think that you would enjoy one for your bedroom, baby’s room, bridal shower, wedding, etc, I am going to start doing custom orders! I am working with my site provider to make credit card secured, but in the meantime, if you want to place a custom order please just fill out a contact form telling me what you would love or direct message me on IG (gracious1312)! You can find the sizes and prices below! *prices include shipping!

Chandeliers can be designed with any/all colors of your choice! Lace, ribbons & other materials can be added for a slight extra charge. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Petite- 12 inches- $30

Medium- 18 inches- $40

Large- 24 inches- $55

a sunday well spent, brings a week of content,

xo. gracie


what’s been going on

Happy SPRING! Oh my gosh, that feels too good to say. Apologies for the absence of posts, there has been lots going on here!

  • We have moved into a new house! This has been such a blessing and super exciting. Decorating and arranging is so fun, but it will feel so nice to be completely settled in.
  • We took a trip out to San Diego (my favorite place on earth), it was incredible. We did a “social media” break while we were there, literally, I left my phone in the hotel room for the day and it was the most liberating feeling ever. I need to do that more. Technology is so awesome, but at the same time it really takes away from things that are right in front of our face.
  • We got some news that our planned July 11 2015 wedding date was going to conflict with R’s work schedule, as well as some of our closest friends and family. So, we have been figuring all of that out and planning what to do instead (because we just want to be married already!)! We have something super special up our sleeve & we have really chosen to look at this in a positive light (because anyone who is getting married, or has planned a wedding knows that this could be a TOTAL NIGHTMARE). For those of you who were planning to celebrate with us this summer, we love you guys and thank you for planning to make the trip down south. We are planning on having a celebration/reception in the future, we are just going to have to wait a bit longer than we would like to make that happen (they say all good things are worth the wait, right!?).
  • Be on the lookout for a few new recipes, as well as a few of my favorite things!

i love saturday morning & all of this craziness that we call our life,