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I am really going to put my heart out there and bare my soul on this one. So, bare with me.
Oh my Gosh, what if we wake up some day, and we are 18, or 25….or 70 and we haven’t done things that our heart yearns to do because we spend all of our time comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we aren’t enough? I stumbled upon this photo earlier this morning and it really struck me. It literally screamed in my face. I am not sure if it struck me so deeply due to the fact that it is the week following the end of the holiday season and I, myself, am feeling a bit “jiggly”… but, for whatever reason, it struck me and when things strike me I want to share them with others, for the hopes that they will too, strike you.

Let’s be honest– as humans, all of us  have “things” about ourselves that we don’t necessarily love. We have body parts that are a little too “jiggly”, a little too “large”, a little too “this” and a little too “that.” We look at images of other people and we say to ourselves “if only I looked like her”, “if only I had that”  “if only my body looked like that” then I could be happy. (I am willing to bet you that all of those people in those “inspo” photos that you have saved for “motivation” would tell you that they too aren’t 100% pleased and comfortable with who they are and what they look like). The sad truth is this: happiness is totally and completely up to us- it has really nothing to do with our relationships, our weight, or how perfect we make ourselves appear on the outside..but, we as people fall into this trap of thinking that those are the things that make us “happy.” I hate to break it to you, but, it is none of those things-our happiness is up to us, and that in and of itself is the most comforting & terrifying realization to make in this lifetime. This means that we can’t blame anybody but ourselves for exactly what it is that we are feeling.

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sunday// a day for vegan buckwheat pancakes & business planning.

Sunday// a day for vegan buckwheat pancakes & business planning. I dare you to place a bowl of lemons on your table and not be happy.